Pediatric Nutrition

TNFOG is the Federation for Obstetricians & Gynaecologists includes 19 societies of Tamil Nadu with Founder President Dr. Anjalakshi Chandrasekar, Founder Secretary of Dr. Sampath Kumari and Treasurer Dr. Vijayalakshmi Gnanasekaran.TNFOG contains 10 Committees which will be conducting conferences, CMEs, Clinical presentation and workshops on regular basis to update our knowledge and serve better to womanhood.This is a marathon CME, conducted on every month 2nd Friday and a newsletter will be published on the related topics. This e Newsletter Volume 1 contains articles on High Risk Pregnancies written by experts. This e Newsletter contains details on management of missed abortions which mainly focus on current trends by Dr. Shobana, changing attitude of adolescents during COVID time by Dr. Shyjus, evidence based criteria for diagnosing of GDM in the real world and what are the advantages in screening glucose tolerance test by Dr Anjalakshi.